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COMMENT: Hi Alan! Hope you've been well. We're already connected, but just wanted to stop by and read more from this platform. This publication really speaks to my essence in several ways, so just wanted to say thank you, good sir. ... take care! 

COMMENT: Several days ago, I found your resource-NEC. I am astonished how you managed to provide the material: systematic, simple, with references. This is a true treasure for all the seekers. ... Thank you. Namaste.

COMMENT: A superb publication. 

ARTICLE: About Me--Alan Lew

COMMENT: Wow, this is wonderful. Thank you for sharing, I'm looking forward to reading more. Thanks again...

COMMENT: Thank you for introducing yourself Alan. Great to know more about you. After reading your bio, your insightful stories make better sense.


ARTICLE: What is the Pure Consciousness of “I AM”? - December 10, 2023

COMMENT: Excellent article about our true nature. I highly appreciated your insights and also your recommendations of some teachings and practices. Thank you for sharing!

COMMENT: The Cosmic law!! Ty for your creative thoughts and opinions!

ARTICLE: The Past is Today - October 23, 2023

COMMENT: How accurate You are!! Thanks for Your article!!

COMMENT: Thank you

ARTICLE: What Simply and Always Is - June 15, 2023

COMMENT: Thank you, Alan Lew. Both poems are beautiful, and meaningful to me. Love to you.

ARTICLE: Time to Join the “Galactic Federation of Worlds”

COMMENT: Wonderful post, Alan! The time is come for us to embrace our multidimensional selves! To reach out into the galaxies--and allow the galaxies to reach back to us. Uplifting piece. Thanks!

COMMENT: Inspiring and to the point, thank you!

COMMENT: Oh thank you so much!!  Alan, as usual, your professional writing and thoughtful research makes your articles something I can pass along to even the most skeptical of friends. I so appreciate you. And I am excited to implement the 5 ways to join the GFW. So glad to know about Elan and his message. How inspiring! Life goals for sure! Anyway, I am so grateful for you and your work! 

ARTICLE: A Short Trip to The Pleiades…

COMMENT: This seems like it was an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing! 

COMMENT: What a wonderful experience! Thank you so much for sharing...

ARTICLE: ‘Awakening’ vs ‘Self-Realization’ vs ‘Enlightenment’

COMMENT: Never realized there were so many different sensations people experienced in the process.

COMMENT: What you explained above happened to me last year, and I had no idea what I was seeing or feeling and I still don't fully understand it. I'm currently teaching myself how to control it because it was effecting my job performance 🙃 ... Ahhhh! It's beautiful though! Thanks for the article!

ARTICLE:  My Beliefs, Values & Life Lessons

COMMENT: Love your thinking, Alan Lew. I am going to quote you in what I am writing right now, "Shirley's Travels Through Mind and Spirit". Thanks and love to you. 

ARTICLE: Key Principles for the Transformation of a New Earth

COMMENT: This one is one of your all-time greats Alan! 

COMMENT: Brilliant summary, thank you. Shared it in my Facebook group.

COMMENT: Thanks for writing this. No time. Just now. And growing from a hole... ❣️☀️🦉

COMMENT: "a collective of an infinite number of separate smaller entities... and also an aspect (or part) of larger collective entities." Love this and feel it deeply, Alan - in fact the whole article. Thank you and love to you

ARTICLE: Spiritual Explainer: Know Your Chakra Energy Centers

COMMENT: Thank you for this - a super helpful guide, esp. for a "beginner" in accessing ... the force.

COMMENT: Thank you for this well-informed writing.

ARTICLE: You Can’t Fake “Unconditional Love” 

COMMENT: Thank you for the education, you’ve taught me so much; not to cage your work with words—i’ll simply add this: ❤️ xxoo

COMMENT: Thought provoking Alan, thank you for sharing. 🙏🏾❤️ 

ARTICLE: Is Your Reality Real? … and How Would You Know?

COMMENT: I really enjoyed this article. Very interesting. I plan on reading more 😊

COMMENT: Absolutely phenomenal content! Well prepared and executed. Thank you for this informative contribution.

COMMENT: Truly fascinating!

ARTICLE: This Is How to Understand “Reality Is an Illusion”

COMMENT: Thank you for this Alan! It is a tricky concept so the more that can give their understanding and perspective of it the more likely it is to click with someone.

COMMENT: Thank you for an awesome read and analogies that really click. It's brought together some loose threads🙏🙏🙏

COMMENT: Well written Alan, thank you for sharing. Your [clay] pot analogy reminded me of a discussion one of my former archaeology professors had in one of his texts. There he dove deep into how we perceive artifacts, reuse and repurpose them in many different ways and also tie them to previous experiences, memories and emotions. In some way they become personal gateways to our connection with ancestors, loved ones, important places, events and other things. I also like that you point out we all have our personal path through enlightenment - even if someone has followed similar ways before it's still our own unique experience of it. It's our own baggage we'll have to figure out how to let go, our own perception that needs to refocus and our own breath that need to go on.

COMMENT: Thank you for sharing . Well written and I’ll be sure to engage in more of your content. Happy to follow you and support your journey as I believe it’s an important one. Had to share on my Twitter. Hope you don’t mind. Peace and love to you as 50 claps well deserved!

ARTICLE: We Are 8 Billion Unique Windows on the World

COMMENT: Great perspective! :) 

ARTICLE: “Be Here Now” Means to Master Space (3D) & Time (4D)

COMMENT: This is a great article. ... Thank you!

COMMENT: Great intro to understandings of 3D and 4D. I do not agree on the aliens part, but still many things here made me ponder. Especially your note on being 4D and travelling back to 3D. I thought; how would I perceive myself in this now and in this manifestation, from the outside, while still being me? What is my quest? That’s an interesting contemplation to me. Thank you 🙏

ARTICLE: The Nonduality Circus — Is This an Emerging New Fad?

COMMENT: A wonderful collection of knowledge. Kudos on all the work this took....

COMMENT: Beautiful work clarifying the positions and philosophies of these groups of teachers, while simultaneously exposing your readers to teachers they may not have heard of before.

COMMENT: Excellent article Alan and probably needed. When something starts to accelerate the human interest, the modern phrase is 'goes viral', it is probably time to more consciously review its credentials.

COMMENT: Comprehensive and logically presented. Thank you.

COMMENT: Wow! 🦋🦋🦋🙏🙏🙏 

COMMENT: A clear and very interesting categorisation and a comprehensive list. I will have a look at some of them when I have the time. Thank you!

COMMENT: Cool article!

COMMENT: Great article and circus analogy Alan.

COMMENT: Fascinating and so informative. Thank you for this 🙏

ARTICLE: Uncle Harry’s “Be Here Now” Message at Age 100

COMMENT: He is free and Happy. His words are from Joy... Most people (I am often informed) are not as Happy as he seemingly is, but we have a modicum enough to appreciate him deeply!

COMMENT: I aspire in each moment to be as clear and free as Uncle Harry

COMMENT: Beautiful and profound in its simplicity.

COMMENT: This is beautiful Alan. I'm so grateful you shared the wisdom and life lessons from Uncle Harry. Thank you!

ARTICLE: “Spiritual Activism” for a New Earth

COMMENT: Wonderful article! I particularly resonate with the emphasis on balance, something I have always taught in my classes. And that all is purposeful. Thank you. 💜

COMMENT: Love this article. I have struggled so much with this and now I finally recognize that we must go inward to fix the outer. We must not hate war, but instead love peace. Or as you so eloquently put, we must “not fight injustice, but create justice from a spiritual perspective.” Thank you again Alan for being spot on and for sharing your light.

COMMENT: Beautifully explained! Love this!

ARTICLE: The Science of ‘Pure Awareness’ and the Magic of Our Unconscious

COMMENT: Alan, one of my favorite pieces of yours so far. Thank you.

COMMENT: Alan, great article. Thanks. 

COMMENT: I am following your writings with great interest. Good article here.

ARTICLE:  We Are Living Our Life in the Big Bang

COMMENT: Love your explanation of these metaphysical concepts! 

COMMENT: Loved this 

COMMENT: Love everything you are saying here, Alan. Thank you and sending love-energy to you. 

COMMENT: Thanks for putting your ongoing exploding thoughts into words and sharing them!

COMMENT: Definitely worth a re-read or two, lol. ... I just wanted to say thank you for the work to put together this material for us. Your passion to delve into these explorations is infectious.

COMMENT: Hard core

ARTICLE: Where Do You Fall on the Duality - Nonduality Spectrum?

COMMENT: This is incredible! Thank you for this duality/non-duality infographic. "I" absolutely love it.

COMMENT: Thank you for writing this breakdown! I'd like to order a #5 with a bit of #4 on the side!

COMMENT: Excellent insight... 

ARTICLE: The Mind-Blowing Truth is You Really Are the Planet Earth

COMMENT: I have had direct experience that I am Earth beginning in 1984. I stopped calling Earth, "the Earth" because I wanted to retrain my daily awareness to see Earth as a wondrous Spiritual Being that she is. I have a rich friendship with Earth and plants of Earth. I am happy you have brought this thinking to light.

COMMENT: Nice, Alan! Thank you and the EG for this enlightening message.

COMMENT: ​I loved this piece. Profound. I believe much of what you believe but could not articulate it as powerfully. I particularly love the idea of a soul family. Your personal description of Yin and Yang. Thank you for sharing. I feel honored to have read your words. 

COMMENT: Words for concepts I couldn’t complete myself. 🙏🏼🙏🏼

COMMENT: My Being is most Awake when my deeper conscious senses see and discover that all of who I am is touching the Life that this earth is, where everything is One connected, larger Life Being, life Presence, life energy. Yes, this planet is a living Being. The life that this planet is, is so mysterious, so beautiful, so magical. 

ARTICLE: The One Most Complete Guide to the Spiritual Dimensions of Reality

COMMENT: Absolutely amazing culmination of dimensional information! I am so pleased that this article came into my awareness! Thank you!!

COMMENT: This is a remarkable summary and I need to read it again in depth. It ought to be a book on Amazon--seriously--like a handbook to the dimensions. Extraordinary compilation. 

COMMENT: This is an amazing inclusive body of work condensed and rather concise. Thank you for all your time, effort and knowledge put forth for others to read and digest. I've shared the link to many like-minded persons, but again much thanks to you the author...

COMMENT: It’s an amazing piece of work. I have to say in this age learning is truly unfiltered and multi sourced. All that is written here is ultimately part speculation, part experience, part evolving reality. The terminology is good for the technically minded. In the end however it’s got to be about experience and becoming. Thanks for enlightening us!

COMMENT: ​Wow! Just WOW! By far the best explanation and very eye opening. Thank you so much for being incarnated at the same time as me. I can't wait for the rest of the journey to transpire.

COMMENT: Hello. Your article is the Most Comprehensive list of dimensions .... WOW. Thank you for inspiring the truth. It's relevant to what is happening!! Very powerful time to be here.

COMMENT: ​I’ve been searching for an ‘easier way’ to understand this topic, including following the lectures from Mathias De Stefano. But this is the first time that this complicated topic makes sense to me. Thank you so much.

COMMENT: This is a Wonderful accompaniment to The Law of One and Power versus Force.

COMMENT: ​Thank you again for your comprehensive list of dimensions. It is seriously helpful for stabilizing this truth as ascension continues.

COMMENT: Really great and thorough article. Thank you. I will be honest, it took me about a week to finish reading. ... ❤️ Thank you again for your work!

COMMENT: I am still digesting this article. I was looking online for days trying to find the exact topics that you have written about here and was so relieved when I found it. 

COMMENT: Wow, this is a very detailed article that shows so many different perspectives and sources on what is happening currently and what is beyond it! "Your" knowledge helps many, Alan! 

COMMENT: I still haven’t finished even my first read of this fine essay, but I will, more than once. I interrupt my reading to say I deeply appreciate your knowledgeable and enlightening take on this complex subject. It is of fundamental importance. ... THANK YOU!!

COMMENT: Thanks for this article, it really synthesized a lot of my disparate or otherwise variant readings so well I couldn't stop reading! 

ARTICLE: Waves, Energy, & Vibration — A Spiritual “Theory of Everything” in The World 

COMMENT: Interesting and informative too. Thank you!

​COMMENT: Really, really great Alan, Thank you. I saved your article so I could reread it again.

COMMENT: Your post is deep and powerful. I will have to go back read again more than once to comprehend it fully.

COMMENT: I love how beautifully you connected science and spirituality. I channel the Archangels, and they’ve explained that, when souls aren’t in a physical body, recognition is by energy signatures. Names are not important in the higher dimensions like they are here. Great read, Alan, thanks. Nifty graphics, too!

COMMENT: Very thorough. Thank you. 

COMMENT: This is an amazing elucidation of things that has expanded my consciousness a lot, thank you so much. I'll have to re-read and want to listen to this piece too. It's just mind blowing to think about the power of creation, e.g. the planets and sun and moon are also particles and wave forms fundamentally. Yet there seems to be a beautiful grand design that they play a role in our solar system i.e. create the conditions for Life on Earth. It is human beings activities that have disrupted Gaia, not the prime frequency. But I believe there's a big awakening of Homo sapiens to recognizing some of what you say and turning things around.

ARTICLE: “The Law of Attraction” & “Radical Nonduality” Are Powerful Opposite Truths

COMMENT: Fascinating article. You've covered a lot in a meaningful way. ... Good stuff. Cheers.

COMMENT: All great to ponder. I like what we focus on we move toward, then events and energies help in one way or another, and our reaction, and action that moves us in a direction of our desires. Vert well written, Bravo for opening my mind today I am grateful to you!

COMMENT: Very well-structured article. It was very easy to read and understand. Congratulations.

COMMENT: Great content! ... I loved reading your article!!!

COMMENT: Absolutely, I believe we can manifest what we dream of.

COMMENT: The fun thing is that both are true. You are in control, and you are not. It's completely illogical how both are going hand in hand the whole time (without time lol). All proponents are right when they talk passionately about their flavour of the universe. However, I think they are usually incomplete because they dismiss the opposite of their preferred flavour. Loved this article and its neutral tone. Thank you!! 

ARTICLE: Is Channeling a Spirit Guide More Than Just Our Imagination?

COMMENT: Lovely! Thank you!

COMMENT: What a beautiful response ♥️ Thank you for sharing!

​COMMENT: I loved it. Very empowering. Super smart to put it in a book! :))

COMMENT: Beautiful. Thank you. 🙏 My Spirit Guides have given me a very similar message to this... This does make it easier for me to know if I’m “tapped in” fully or not at least. Thank you for sharing your gift & insights.

COMMENT: I loved this article because I can relate to it very easily. Before I started channeling, I kept reading books that said you had to get out of your own way, and it frustrated me! I mean, what does that even mean? When I connected with the Archangels, it wasn’t what I expected, because it didn’t come with a huge banner, trumpet, or booming voice. It was very subtle. It was easy to believe in the Angels’ presence, because it came with great love and joy, but I constantly worried I might get something wrong. It’s an awesome responsibility to quote the Archangels! -- I knew the words I heard in my head weren’t mine, because they were answers to the questions I asked, which I didn’t have. Some of the questions I asked were so outside my knowledge, there could be no mistake they came from another source. There are some answers I receive that I’m still trying to understand. -- The more I channel, the easier it becomes, and the clearer I receive messages, but let’s face it, what we do is still not considered mainstream, although that is changing and will eventually be more common. I love when I hear from other channels who confirm they’ve received the same information I have, because it’s very validating. -- So, thank you again for the article. We may not be in the mainstream, but since I’ve written for Medium, I’ve learned that we’re not alone, either. -- Love, Light, and blessings to you. 

ARTICLE: We Can Never Know Spiritual Truth — So Why Talk About It?

COMMENT: Really enjoyed this, Alan. I concluded some time ago that the more I learn, the more I realize how little I know. It’s simultaneously frustrating and invigorating to know I’ll never understand everything, yet I’m anxious to learn more. Thank you.

COMMENT: I’m only part-way through this piece but it’s enough for me to know that I’ve come upon a treasure trove - one which I am so grateful for. Your writing, topics, insight feel divinely inspired. Cause just yesterday I was telling a friend - I spent my life trying to ‘ understand ‘ the mysteries of life and the universe and there is so much I understand now but none of it has brought me connection to my deeper self or to All That Is or grace to live my life as the highest expression of what I know I am. So maybe I spent my life constructing and now the time has come for deconstruction 🙃 -- I especially love the poem you included. Many, many thanks to you for dedicating time and energy to gift us with these pieces. Namaste 

COMMENT: [We are a paradox.] Yes, absolutely ,.. as is Reality

ARTICLE: This is the Reason Why “Infinity” Requires “Free Will”

COMMENT: Agree, thanks for sharing.

COMMENT:  Thank you. Your content is amazing!!

COMMENT: ​Wow, what a packed article. I currently hold the belief that we can activate our free will through choice, or not, (if we so choose). Food for a post, thank you.

COMMENT: So interesting Alan! Thank you.

COMMENT: Wow Alan, wow! I would call this the definitive answer on free-will if I didn't know we are part of an infinite, unlimited existence! ;)  I have always felt inside that there are degrees of freedom. We can be a slave to reactive patterns (the matrix of control), or we can be conscious, awake, and present, entirely free of reactivity. It is only when one mode is contrasted with the other that we gain wisdom and clarity. In this manner, it is also seen that one can never know how "asleep" or "awake" they are, for they really can't know anything absolutely.  Thanks for bringing some joyous clarity to us all with this piece Alan! 

ARTICLE: Meditating on Oneness to Save the World

COMMENT: Thank you for writing this. It comforts me on many levels. We are each energetic emanations of source. I understand this but I struggle with grounding and integration since my big "reveal" so to speak. I am finding life difficult in new ways. Thank you for helping me with your words.

COMMENT: Hello Alan, Thank you for sharing! What is interesting is that during the last year-and-a-half, conditions in the world were ripe for people to discover meditation. We were stuck at home with nowhere to go, ... Some people did take up meditation and began to look inward. I agree a person that is mindful and has discovered inner peace can radiate that peace far and provide a valuable "service" in turbulent times. As much as we were all physically isolated, it would have been quite powerful if all of humanity had been simultaneously focused inward on the same spot common to everyone. 

ARTICLE: Explainer: ‘Time’ & ‘Timelines’ — What They Are and How to Use Them

COMMENT: Nice article. Lots of interesting thoughts.

COMMENT: Wow--there is so much here--I will be spending longer time reading through this page and recommended articles. 

COMMENT: Brilliantly written. … Most of my life I’ve seen through duality and society’s subjective ideas of “right” and “wrong” but have felt mostly alone in the extent of which I embody that understanding. I do of course follow and resonate with many of the spiritual teachers of today and through history, but it has been fantastic to discover your writing. I’m brand new to it but have found myself pouring over the articles I’ve found so far. Wonderfully articulated, like reading a tutorial on what I’m experiencing. Thank you!  

COMMENT: Love your article <3 so much. Several weeks ago, I was thinking about 'what is time' and today I found your insightful and relatable writing :) ... really appreciate your precious effort on this article and many more.

ARTICLE: Has Earth Moved Into the 4th/5th Dimension?

COMMENT: Thank you so much Alan! Wow

COMMENT: It's cool, but how many of us will live to see it? I'm already middle aged!!

COMMENT: Thank you for writing this!! I feel like I’ve scoured the internet for spiritual information and this article was the first time I’ve seen multiple viewpoints combined in a single article. This was so helpful for me to make sense of the little discrepancies I’ve come across from writer to writer. Thank you thank you thank you!

COMMENT: Interesting... 

ARTICLE: Matias De Stefano’s 9 Dimensions of Spiritual Reality

COMMENT: ​Thanks for the great post. I am currently (re) watching all of Matias' work on Gaia, will take a look at the Youtube work, too. The Sirians are definitely a big part of the Soul Group story of Earth and often feature as the soul group of origination in my clients' Akashic Records (amongst quite a few others). I too was very happy to hear Matias' perspective, since it answers many of the questions about why I receive the information that I do. Cheers again!

COMMENT: THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to write all of this down. I love Matías work and most of it I find on video. It is very helpful to be able to read it as well. Super grateful. 

COMMENT: Your article is very comprehensive and interesting. I will bookmark it for future reference. Thank you.

COMMENT: Thank you for creating this 🙂​

COMMENT: I am very appreciative of your helpful summary of Matias De Stephano’s extensive talks so far. I am interested in multi-dimensional living and find these thoughts fascinating. Thank you for your kindness in sharing your work.​

COMMENT: This is a fascinating read--Must read more of his work. 

COMMENT: Thanks for summarizing this so well. I linked to your article in my article so it can be helpful to others.

COMMENT: This is such a beautiful compilation and synthesis of Matias' channeled wisdom. Thank you so much for sharing, brother ☥​

COMMENT: I owe you a 'thanks'. You helped me get into Matias de Stefano, and I am blown away...

COMMENT: Thank you. 

COMMENT: Thank you, thank you, thank you. I appreciate your lucid organisation and the references to the links you make to Matias’ work, and stating what you have included and not. Like you, I have a sense of affinity to ‘things’ Sirius. Perhaps that is why I recognise Matias’ take on so much. A fabulous read, your article. I’ll return to it, for specifics and not only for the conscientious links you provide. Again, I thank you.

ARTICLE: How to Unlock the Hidden “Yous” That Make You Unique

COMMENT: Wow! This article was most certainly worth the time. What a working!

COMMENT: Wonderful article Alan, It has all the things I want to read more about and learn about in one place. I will be coming back to this often. Thank you for your efforts xx

COMMENT: Loved this article. It puts together perfectly every concept. Thank you🙏🏽.

COMMENT: I'll need some time to read all this - looks fascinating Alan! My kind of read. 

ARTICLE: Spiritually, What Will 2022 Bring Our New Earth?

COMMENT: I greatly enjoyed your channel as well. I kept having visions of how God is described in the Bhagavad Gita—how wondrous yet terrifying in the most beautiful way God is. We all are. I know we’re headed towards more unity, but it will take time. And like your Guides implied—it all begins with us before spreading out around us.

COMMENT: Hi Alan, Thank you for sharing! Interesting that your guides point out the opportunity associated with self-reflection. These have been excellent times for self-reflection - people locked down and in isolation plus the outward view became either unbearable (early scenes of deaths) or too confusing (more recent disinformation and contrasting viewpoints). Hopefully, in 2022 many will finally seize the opportunity to go inward for their truth.

COMMENT: ​Alan, this is really a mind blowing and excellent post. Thanks for sharing. 

ARTICLE: ​ Ego, Soul, & Beyond Revisited — This Is the Reality We Live 

COMMENT: ​I really enjoyed this...thanks!

COMMENT: Your article is really thoughtful, Alan. I am reaching 90, and have gone through all the decades of which you speak, and continually changed the words of what I am. I accept that others each have their own words. Today, I am Body, Mind and Soul. But my meanings of each are complex, because each respects the others.

COMMENT: A good framework. ... We inter are = non self reality!

COMMENT: So many valuable insights to ponder, absorb, and meditate on, so we can each connect to our own truths and where these revelations can lead us. Thank you for sharing. Food for thought indeed.

COMMENT: I really enjoyed reading this article. It brings a lot more clarity to the way you've explained the three aspects. I have fun learning more and more about the higher self as well as nondual self. ... It's exciting. I imagine we know all this stuff when we go back and yet through awakening here, it's like relearning through the process of unmasking. Thank you for writing this article. I found it to be very helpful! 🥰🌞🌞 

ARTICLE: ​Explainer: The Soul, Oversoul, Soul Family, Soulmate, & Soul Contracts

COMMENT: This was very helpful, thanks :)

COMMENT: Thank you, Alan. This is powerfully meaningful to me. It corresponds precisely to my learning in what I call my private astral spirit school and I have needed this 3D confirmation very, very much. I will be exploring more of your work.

COMMENT: Awesome piece.

COMMENT: I'm very grateful for this article, Alan. I'm in awe! 

ARTICLE: 4 Ways to Change the Past

COMMENT: What a powerful article this is. And the clock image is absolutely fantastic.

COMMENT: JUST OUTSTANDING! I could read this multiple times to absorb it again and again! I hit the SAVE button. Incredibly enlightening!

COMMENT: Wow! Thank you for sharing!

COMMENT: Excellent, Thank you!

ARTICLE: The Ukraine Invasion: A Spiritualist Perspective & Response

COMMENT: I love this. Thank you so much for sharing this! 🙏🏼♥️🕊

COMMENT: This is opening so many eyes to the horror of war and opening many more hearts. Through this invasion, people can see more clearly how atrocities are committed by genocide, colonization, slavery, etc.

COMMENT: Thank you Alan! ... I haven't watched any news because they hype too much. But your post caught my attention. For anyone interested I recommend clicking on the link. Everything is brought into a higher perspective for me now.

COMMENT: I started to cry while reading and feeling this message. I shared it on my Facebook page Transformation time

COMMENT: ✿ஜீ۞ஜீ✿•.¸¸.•*Beautiful Piece. :)

COMMENT: ​Thank you, Alan, for the channeled message. I Enjoyed this article! 

ARTICLE: Are You Psychic? — Welcome to the 5th Dimensional Planet Earth

COMMENT: I just wanted to thank you for this article. It resonates with me and the over 50 books i have read this year on the subject. I am so grateful for your way to concisely articulate these complicated topics. I shared it with my friends and family. Sending you so much love and light.. as Ra would say, go forward and enjoy the great dance!

COMMENT: First, thank you for the warm welcome and comprehensive breakdown, in this particular article, of the dimensions, in regards to our psychic awareness levels. So glad to have found NEC [New Earth Consciousness] and your brilliant writers and storytellers! Starting to feel like home ~~~ All the Best! (NEC = New Earth Consciousness)

COMMENT: Wow I feel extremely grateful for your time and energy put into this message it really helped me gain clarity :) I want to help out the global vibration to a more Heavan on Earth ... Your words helped me so so so so so much that I am currently in 4D (but still have trouble transitioning to 5D). Thank you! :)

COMMENT: Thank you for this article. Clear, and simple to understand. Very qualitative.

ARTICLE: How You, Too, Can Channel Higher Messages

COMMENT: Thank you Alan for this Article. As I am getting more and more interested in spiritual work and channeled messages (such as the RA Contact, Law of One), I am trying to learn it myself :) 

COMMENT: Thank you. This was really comprehensive.

COMMENT: Thank you Alan for another great article! I too have been dappling in this and have taken a channeling course from Rob Gauthier the ET Whisperer (which was really given by one of his channeled entities Aridif the pleiadian. ) Your article is going to really help me advance my practice. I am so grateful!!! Xo 

ARTICLE: How You, Too, Can Channel Higher Messages

COMMENT: Thank you Alan for this Article. As I am getting more and more interested in spiritual work and channeled messages (such as the RA Contact, Law of One), I am trying to learn it myself :) 

COMMENT: Thank you. This was really comprehensive.

COMMENT: Thank you Alan for another great article! I too have been dappling in this and have taken a channeling course from Rob Gauthier the ET Whisperer (which was really given by one of his channeled entities Aridif the pleiadian. ) Your article is going to really help me advance my practice. I am so grateful!!! Xo 

ARTICLE: Our Every Breath is the Miracle to Channel Higher Intelligence 

COMMENT: This is very cool and makes total sense! Whenever I'm connecting with the Akashic Records, I always exhale after asking a question and that is when the channeling begins... I hadn't been fully cognizant of that connection but will play with it more now. Thank you for the insight!
COMMENT: Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Alan!
COMMENT: Fascinating! It puts me in mind of "No Time" from Samhain. I wonder how many other places it shows up. Like between heartbeats? 

ARTICLE: What Happened in Between My Dreaming & Waking Realities

COMMENT: A subject to love!
COMMENT: Hi Alan, yet again, another great adventure with you, in this article.
COMMENT: It's just like the folks of the early nineteenth century, living in New England, or, old England Itself, all seem'd to say: All that we see, or seem; is but' a dream, within a dream... [based on Edgar Allen Poe] 

ARTICLE: Ego, Self, Soul & God: Which Do You Want to Be Today?

COMMENT: This stuff is so out there that I wouldn't believe it had I not come up with some of this stuff on my own before reading this. The fact that I had these same thoughts is all the proof I need. Great stuff. Can't wait to make time to read the rest of your work!
COMMENT: ​Love it. Looks like I found My People. Can't wait to read all your stuff. Thank you!
COMMENT: Hi Alan, thanks for this great read! I really enjoyed it, especially the diagram of physical world/physical body, etc. leading up to God. That just makes SO MUCH sense to me!​ 

ARTICLE: Radical Nonduality: The Fascinating Truth of “No Thing”

COMMENT: Excellent. Great job. ... This is the best modern definition. Anyone can understand it.
COMMENT: A brilliant attempt to write about Being, Alan. Thank you. I will re-read and dip further into your noble attempt again at some point.
COMMENT: Thank you for this post. It is impossible for a mind-made self to understand non duality. 

ARTICLE: “Be the Sun” — A Message to the World for Right Now

COMMENT: Loved this piece.
COMMENT: Loved this post. Thank you 🙏🏻.  Went down to the beach today to practice this. By chance, do you happen to have a recording of a guided sun meditation?  [No, but I am considering that.]
COMMENT: ​Thank you for this. I've always felt closest to the god source when sunbathing. It is/was my "special healing time". 

ARTICLE: So, My Friend, Why Do You Write? - Alan Lew — Interview

COMMENT: Alan has a focus and passion that is clear throughout this piece. His description of the flow of writing, when he could spend a whole day doing nothing but thinking about a particular topic is a beautiful thing, the kind of drive that delves deeper, through every moment of his life.
COMMENT: Wonderful, insightful interview, Alan! While I don't formally channel, I certainly do feel the presence of something way bigger than my little self sometimes when I write. I will check out NEC. Thank you!
COMMENT: Enjoyed reading this and picked up new ideas along the way. Thanks. 

ARTICLE: A Simple Technique to Directly “See” Your Beingness
COMMENT: Thanks for sharing this philosophical thought and this meditation exercise. Great way to start the week … inspired with a new technique for thinking and grounding myself.
COMMENT: I will do this when I am in a meditative mood. ... It sounds fascinating.
COMMENT: this is beautiful & helpful ❤️ thank you dear alan, i always enjoy your teachings xxxoo
COMMENT: I’ll try this! Thanks!

ARTICLE: An Important Message for Earth: “You Have an Infinite Number of Options”
COMMENT: Alan, thank you sooo much for sharing this VERY powerful message on infinity! Our ego mind has challenges accepting this idea on us being the creator and being in control - but your articles and your topics are helping me to more and more to comprehend this idea and internalize this. Thank you, Alan for sharing this message at this divine time! I needed to hear that in your amazing words!
COMMENT: ​Infinity is the one concept that when my human brain tries to understand it goes immediately into panic mode. It’s been happening since I was a child. Just recently I was able to slow the panic down so now I’m sorting through what’s behind it. Thank you for your information it helps me see there is something to this… 

ARTICLE: A Simple Path to Universal Compassion for Self and Others
​COMMENT: Thank you Alan. This is wonderfully compassionate look at forgiveness and acceptance. It's such a kind way of viewing decisions. This really helped me today.
COMMENT: Absolutely loved this piece. ♡ It is my sincerest belief that unconditional love is what heals — it's the ultimate truth. ☆ Thank you so much for sharing this! I'm loving your work ~ 

ARTICLE: Creating a Better Post-COVID-19 World
​COMMENT: Such a great article. My college son suggested it from his Geography class.
COMMENT: Alan, wonderful article! There is much more beyond our current awareness. 

ARTICLE: Bring the Spiritual Magic of Scenic Places Into Your World
COMMENT: Thank you, never thought about travelling this way...shared it on my Facebook page.
COMMENT: I've spent time in Sedona--more than once felt electric vibrations from the ground at Cathedral Rock and experienced a vision amidst a vortex. Thrilling place to be immersed in. Thanks for the messaging. 

ARTICLE: Who Is the Audience of Your Life Story?

COMMENT: Your article was deeply meaningful for me, Alan
COMMENT: This feels in alignment with what I have been realizing as I step back and introspect my personal experiences this year. Thank you for writing this, Alan! And for all your writings, they've been helping me understand my experiences and are confirming! 

ARTICLE: Synchronicity: Allowing Hawai’i to Magically Reveal Itself

COMMENT: So true!!!!! 😂👍🏼🤙🏼🥰
COMMENT: Gorgeous photos. ... It is a place of heightened realization to me and I have never been there!
COMMENT: Lovely thoughts from your adventure! When we leave the realm of expectation, we can only experience the universe that was meant to be. Thanks for sharing your synchronicities!

ARTICLE: The Spiritual Paradox Challenge: Can You Be "Both/And"? (Original title: The Spiritual Paradox of "Truth in Opposites")
COMMENT: Awesome Alan, thanks for writing this! One foot in divinity, one foot in humanity. I think accepting paradox is key for anyone's spiritual journey.
COMMENT: I agree, said the green pea tea, as we left them, there, with a girl named Cher... 

ARTICLE: Here Are 10 Simple Ways the Infinite Surrounds Us Everywhere & Always ​(original title: God Surrounds Us Everywhere and Always)
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ARTICLE: This Is What I Do to Keep My Articles New & Awesome
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ARTICLE: Five Top Spiritual Tourism Destinations & How to Experience Them

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COMMENT: Good tips, Alan! You should add also Istanbul, Turkey 

ARTICLE: Now is the Time to Go Beyond
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COMMENT: ​Loved it, Alan! 

ARTICLE: The Ultimate Lesson: My Life Has Nothing to Do With Me
COMMENT: Yeah, the expanding field of consciousness, that is the true meta self, it exists independently of the temporal you. Good piece!!!
COMMENT: The reality of "all that is" is so astonishing, so unbelievably beyond the beyond, that there is a great debt of gratitude owed to the ones who can best distill the essence into simple terms. 

ARTICLE: Spiritual Explainer: The Truth About Our 5 Types Egos (original title: Spiritual Perspectives on the Ego)

​COMMENT: This is one of best posts I have read on the ego. I have saved it to be able go back and read it again. Kudos to you!

COMMENT: ​I have picked up more knowledge from your post regarding the EGO than from any other source. Here’s thanking you for this. 

ARTICLE: Meditation Explainer — The What, Why & How of Meditating

​COMMENT: Another beautiful, practical article as well—will share with several friends new to meditation! I love how you break down the distinctions and each purpose. As Richie Davidson says, “Meditation is like sports.”
COMMENT (on part III): Thank you for this comprehensive piece, like a reference material for meditation.​ 

ARTICLE: The Vastness of the "Soul Dimension"
COMMENT: This is beautiful :)
COMMENT: ​Hello Alan, I have read so many books that discuss the same things you wrote here, including all the Seth Material, and I Love it all. Sometimes I feel as if my head is going to explode when I really go down the proverbial Rabit Hole. Thanks for sharing. 

ARTICLE: “Feel Each Chakra Exploding into a New Present Moment”
COMMENT: Thank you Alan. This message is very powerful. I highly recommend to all.
COMMENT: ​I cherish this piece so much! Simple and easily felt like a synchronised breath of the Soul. Thank you for sharing. 

ARTICLE: You Are Important To This Planet
COMMENT: Truer words were never spoken. Thank you for sharing!
COMMENT: ​I love this story. I wanted to highlight every word! Thanks for sharing. 

ARTICLE: All Realities Are the Dream of the One Source/God/Absolute
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COMMENT: Hello. Very interesting article.
COMMENT: I enjoyed it a lot! ... All in all, it was very interesting and really made me think! I had a lot of “aha!” moments as it

ARTICLE: Surviving & Thriving a “Dark Night of the Soul”
COMMENT: Terrific read. 

ARTICLE: A Radical, New “Xin Xin Ming” (‘The Truth Mind’) of Zen Buddhism
COMMENT: I enjoyed your piece. The Universe is a verb not a noun. 

ARTICLE: Our Mind is a Fascinating Mix of Multiple Points of Consciousness
COMMENT: Thank you for sharing the same reflections as mine! Much love and utmost respect to you🙏. 

ARTICLE: ​Our Entire Reality Is a Symbol of Our Authentic Truth
COMMENT: I like the logic of your narrative. Thank-you for your straightforward piece. 

ARTICLE: How to Create a “Global Sense of Place”
​COMMENT: What a clear and concise definition of global sense Alan! It’s empowering us to be good stewards of our environment. You seem like you were a cool geography teacher. Geography was one of my best subjects too but my teacher a father (went to Christian school) would punish me for not laughing at his dry jokes which made me not enjoy the class as much as I would have liked. Thank you for sharing ❤ 

ARTICLE: Be Who “We” Are — Be “That”
COMMENT: Great for where I am at, Alan - going back and forth from 5D to 6D to 5D..... Thanks. 

ARTICLE: Empowerment Is What Your Spiritual Ascension Is All About
COMMENT: Well written and precise. Thanks for the lessons. 

ARTICLE: A Practical Guide to Karma & Awakening to a Better Life
COMMENT: Alan, you beautiful beam of light. This article is a true treasure for the modern masses who are lucky enough to come across it. If there was a better explanation for karma, and the way the universe is created in the various planes of consciousness, I’ve never seen it. This is exquisite! 

ARTICLE: How to Create The Best Story of Your Life
COMMENT: So true. Thank you.
COMMENT: Nice post. Simplification seems to be the answer to most every problem. Thanks also for the Seth quotes.

ARTICLE: How to Make the Challenges of 2022 a Beautiful Experience
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ARTICLE: ‘Nostalgia’ & How We Experience Parallel Lives at the Same Time
COMMENT: Brilliant post, Alan. I had a flash today on what parallel lives must be, so I searched Medium and found your story. Which took me to a whole 'nother level of understanding. I had been thinking about nostalgia the other day too and how strong the energy is. I loved your descriptions of each. 

ARTICLE: 5 Fantastic Free Tools to Find Mistakes in Your Writing
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ARTICLE: How to Undo the Power of Your Subconscious Mind
COMMENT: Interesting and something I feel to be true. It's fascinating to work with people and see what pops out. One thing that people don't realize is there are wonderful things in the subconscious as well, inner gold, not just the shadow. Thank for you for sharing this channeling. It puts things very clearly. 

ARTICLE: How to Manifest When You Have Conflicting Desires
COMMENT: Multiple egos. That's what the issue is! Yes, I often have conflicting goals, and end up going nowhere. It's exhilarating to know this now. It makes sense to my addled brain. Thank you! 

ARTICLE: Time Is the One of the Most Powerful Vibrations of Our Universe
COMMENT: My mind always explodes a bit reading your work. 

ARTICLE: Instructions for a New Earth

ARTICLE: To Learn Life’s Hidden Lessons: Feel the Energy, Not the Words
COMMENT:  ​I agree. Words are very powerful, but it is the meanings, the messaging behind the words that matter the most. 

ARTICLE: What Happens When We Compare the Spiritual & Physics Dimensions of Reality?
COMMENT: Wow! Thanks for sharing this post. The simplicity and clarity that you have is similar to the world’s favorite physicist Michio Kaku. 👏👏👏👏👏 

ARTICLE: Infinity, Synchronicities, and a New Earth — What Have You Learned This Week?
COMMENT: Thank you Alan. This needs to be heard loud and clear. We can only co-create better if we align to our truth, with love and peace. A new Earth is well underway! Would love to exchange channeling views with you. Sending you light 

ARTICLE: How to Directly Experience the ‘Collective Dimensions’ of Spiritual Reality (1D thru 5D)
​COMMENT: THANK YOU for this wonderful article. I’m so going to try these! I love reading your stuff because you explain complex subject matter in an easy to understand way, and there is a message of reassurance in your words that helps me to feel more confident as I journey through this awakening. Thank you 🙏 

ARTICLE: The Spring of ’21 — Haiku
COMMENT: I’m loving these positive messages from you Alan. It’s amazing how reading such a short positive poem gives me a boost. Keep bringing us this beautiful energy please.  

ARTICLE: We See an Opportunity for Earth to Become a Happier Planet”
COMMENT: This is such a necessary article and gives me hope as someone who deeply cares about our environment. Thank you for sharing this message, Alan. 

ARTICLE: 7 Predictions About the 2020 Pandemic That Mostly Came True
COMMENT: Despite my aversion to predictions, I really enjoyed these ones. Thanks for sharing and staying optimistic! 

ARTICLE: The Outer Ego & The Inner Ego
​COMMENT: Thank you for this. I appreciate your writing because the messages are always so reassuring and positive, and the truth in them really resonates with me. Sending peace and love from Western Australia. 

ARTICLE: Delusion and Awakening
COMMENT: I read the Zen Master's quote and before I scrolled down to read your much more refined and elegant words, thought... He is telling me to shut up, watch and listen to learn and grow. You said it much better. Thank you for sharing this. 

ARTICLE: Am I On the Right Path?
​COMMENT: Wow! Thank you, Alan, for this beautiful message! So many questions that I had these days were answered. As if you were "talking" to me directly! Thank you for lifting my consciousness and giving me the signs, the synchronicity I needed to see! 

ARTICLE: 2021 is the Year of the 4th Dimension
​COMMENT: Thank you, Alan. This message brought me much comfort this morning. 

ARTICLE: Channeling My “Higher Self"
​COMMENT: Thank you so much! I had such big doubts when I first started channeling, so I really feel better that I am not alone. Thank you so much for this great article! This reassures me so much. :) 

ARTICLE: Life as a Series of Awakening Moments
​COMMENT: Fabulous piece Alan, loved it. 

My Channeling BOOK: Dec 16, 2019 - Meditation, Yoga, & My Future (on Wattpad, not Medium)

COMMENT: How excellent that you're inspired to compile these! It will feel great to be able to reference them as you guide others and continue your own journey. I'm sure it will take some time to organize and publish everything, but you already know it will be so worth it. From your audience, a gigantic thank you for your willingness to share them with us. You are a mentor to me and many others through your writing. I look forward to following your work on Wattpad and EGChanneling!