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a young man contemplating Earth in his hand
A woman walking on an unknown planet toward another planet over her head
a woman in a yoga position representing a form of spiritual practice
A moon face with a large smile and a small sun on its forehead representing our spiritual connections to the moon
2 human feet with the Pleaides star cluster below them representing our spiritual connections to other star systems
A stencil print of a man's face with angel wings behind him representing our astral self
A human head with a galaxy in place of the top part of the skull representing our galactic self
The word "LOVE" with a peace symbol for the "O"
a woman holding a globe-like ball with a surreal landscape and sky behind her
a finger tracing a mandala as a form of prayer and meditationme
a hand passing Earth to another hand with multiple other planets in the background
a dark Buddha statue shape with the 7 chakra locations glowing their specific colors and an orange sunset sky behind

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a pink lotus blossom under the words "My Channeling Diaries"