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Meditating with Earth Overhead
Many birds representing our multidimensional spiritual self
A couple walking through a tunnel surrounded by the universe
An ET and dove looking after Earth (Gaia)
Truth on the brick wall side of an old building
Light rays extending from a man's hands representing how our thought affect the universe
Psychedelic spiritual photo art of a female meditating and a male shaman
The Pleaides, one of the sources of starseed influences on Earth
A woman flying out of an unknown sunflower-like seed pod
a transluscent Buddha statue in front of a sunset and between 2 trees
A mural of a girl blowing a star from her hand indicating the spiritual power of our breath
a rose with petals colored with the stars and galaxies of the universe


COMMENT: I just wanted to say thank you for your work, and a huge thanks for including paywall free links to them!

COMMENT: I am eternally grateful to you. I love your wisdom and your teachings. At times above my comprehension but I am keen to learn. Thank you ♥️💫🌈

COMMENT: Alan, you are my new favorite Medium writer!! Thank you for your amazing pieces. I'm new to all of this ... I am learning so much!

COMMENT: I love your writing Alan albeit I find it all quite complicated, which is good. Makes me realise how much I still have to learn ☺️

COMMENT: Hello Alan.  Your writing has caught my attention as it expresses rare and impressive clarity of mind and presents difficult-to-grasp spiritual concepts in a way that is accessible. Also, I see that you are a retired academic. I'm stunned to see a former professor writing on the topic of 5D! Thanks!  

COMMENT: Hi Alan - I have recently found your articles on Medium and have devoured them. They have been incredibly helpful and insightful and much needed even if I have not found the answers, I am seeking I have found much better questions to ask! - Keep them coming and thank you again. - Grateful for your work

COMMENT: I’m writing about new human species but of course it’s a new earth 🌍 Your articles are so well researched and informative. Thanks for your work 🙏

COMMENT: Thank you for your posts. I found one of your articles through synchronicities. Since then, I seemed to always find the answers I am looking for from your writings. I’m very grateful for that.

COMMENT: Thanks for your writing, stumbled upon this evening while in Calgary Canada. Gaining from it already and glad to continue to read and learn more going forward. Grateful!!!

COMMENT: Many thanks for your insightful articles. I haven’t had a chance to read all of them yet, but they all look very interesting, and I am looking forward to continue reading your writings.

COMMENT: Just found your writing and I’m really liking it. Looking forward to reading more soon!

COMMENT: Hello, Brother! Such a delightful discovery to find your writings. I said YES! to everything you wrote. It all resonates with what I feel and know to be true and/or possibly/probably true. ... I'm so glad I found you! I look forward to your unfolding in all the realities and worlds.

COMMENT: You are doing a superb job of it. I love your intellectual rigor. ... Write on!

COMMENT: I like your articles. They are very helpful for those who seek and do not follow a tradition or the Ways. 

COMMENT: Thank you for this understanding, Alan. I learn so much from you.

COMMENT: I am so glad you have posted so much content on Medium! I have been trying to find greater clarity and descriptions about spiritual dimensions and it is surprisingly hard. Plus, you have the added perspective of being a TM practitioner and understanding Maharishi's teachings! I cannot tell you how grateful I am for this. 

COMMENT: Hello, dear Alan. ... Huge hugs!! And thank you for everything, I really appreciate you and your work. 

COMMENT: So grateful to have found a teacher like you who has read all of the same authors I have and who can so succinctly break it all down and summarize it practically. You are genius! Definitely a 5/6th density being who has reincarnated to help humanity’s ascension!


COMMENT: In my spiritual journey to understand consciousness, self-awareness, and my purpose here and the universe at large, I came across your writings. From the first article I read, I said, “wow, everything I’ve seen so far is exactly what this man writes.”  Your articles are comforting and feel very familiar to me. The stuff I learn from deep meditation can be pretty far out there, yet you’ve seen it too.
I thank you tremendously for sharing your wisdom. I understand how important it is to learn from wise masters.  I consider you a wise master. I am grateful I found you and your writings and will continue learning from you as I catalog backwards through your essays.


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By The Way, my response to that last comment (about me being a "master") was: Thanks for the comment. Of course, I don't really claim to know anything special. I am just a vessel (or something like that) that the messages apparently come through. They don't come as much as they used to, which is fine as my life is busy as it is. But I do appreciate your communicating your experience with those writings. Blessings, Alan

Me in Warrior II position in the Red Rocks of Sedona

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